Best 2 person kayak of 2018 & Buying Guide

Having a water adventure with your friend or a partner is an ideal source of amusement for adventure lovers. To add more to your fun, the thing that plays a vital role is your sports gear, and in the case of outdoor water activities, kayaks play this role very correctly.

Despite sitting inside the boat and seeing the waves moving can be boring for challenge lovers. Traveling through kayak especially with your friend/partner gives you an opportunity to enjoy water waves more closely while struggling with them as a team.

So, are you among those nature lovers? Do you want to have recreational trips on your kayak? Then, you have got a plenty of things to consider. There is a wide variety of kayaks available in the market manufactured by different brands. It might confuse you when you go out to buy a best-suited kayak.

Therefore, here, to ease your problem, we have come up with the guidelines for buying a kayak along with the list of best-recommended kayaks. The list of best 2 person kayak includes:

Buyer’s Guideline

There are many points and factors that you should consider before going to buy a kayak for you and your friend/partner. It will be useful for you to purchase any product after acquiring relevant knowledge about its basic features, attributes, and other such factors.

Only then, you will be able to buy a perfect piece. Here are few questions answers presented to help you in getting basic information about the best 2 person kayak.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak SE370K

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak SE370K

How many types of the best 2 person kayak are available?

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak 330

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak 330

Two major types of two-person kayaks are classified according to their seating style. One is sit-on-top, and the other is sit in kayaks. These two major types can be broken down into further categories.

  • Sit-on-top kayaks: in this kind of kayak, the person sits at the top of the boat instead of sitting inside the cockpit. It contains molded ends to make sitting and paddling comfortable for the person. This kayak option is more appropriate for beginners as it does not require additional moves like a roll. These kayaks are constructed with more width that might reduce their speed and takes more power to operate it.
  • Sit-in kayaks: in this type of kayak, the rides sit inside the cockpit. It resembles more to traditional kayaks and offers many benefits to rides. Besides giving more storage and movability, this kayak also provides warmth to the body during cold days.

What are other categories of sit-in two-person kayak available?

The sit-in kayak is further categorized into many other kayaks that differ in the sense of different waterways and type of tour.

  • Whitewater double kayak: whitewater kayaks are small almost three or two-meter boats along with the structure that supports rough and tough riding. They do not possess keel that makes them unable to track in a straight line. The responsive rate of these kayaks is incredibly high, and they are even movable on riders’ small movement. This feature makes them perfect for riding on rough or swift water. However, the cockpit of whitewater kayak is quite tight and restrictive to ensure rider stability during the trip.
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Advanced Elements Kayak AE 1007-R AdvancedFrame

Advanced Elements Kayak AE 1007-R AdvancedFrame

  • Touring double kayak: these types of kayaks are suitable to be used for long durations of riding along with rough water conditions. They are larger, contain more space, give an extra performance and are expensive as well. They come with bulkheads to keep water out of the boat.
  • Recreational double Kayaks: these kayaks give the opportunity to enjoy the mid-level high-performance whitewater kayak and the design of touring kayak. In addition, they are good for beginners as they offer the high initial stability of the kayak. They are useful in calm water bodies and might not perform well during rough weather/water conditions. They are considerably smaller with the feasibility of tracking or turning for the beginners. These kayaks can also be used as fishing boats because of its high stability.
  • Sea double kayaks: these kayaks are designed specifically for open water or sea. Their structure is made long enough along with low-lying sitting inside the kayak to provide protection against crosswinds. Moreover, they further contain bulkhead, small hatches, and tight cockpits. They additionally include skegs and rudders for improved mobility and control along with accommodation place for navigation tools.

What are the dimensions of kayaks and its effect on kayak performance?

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado Kayak

Length, width (beam), depth and weight capacity are dimensions of kayak and changes in these dimensions affect differently on kayak performance.

  • Length: kayaks with shorter lengths are easy to move and turn, they are easy to transport as well. On the other side, long kayaks are convenient to paddle for extended distance and help to stay in a straight line.
  • Width: kayaks with more width give more initial stability during calm situations. On the other hand, less wide kayaks are faster and offer improved secondary stability.
  • Depth: kayaks with more depth are suitable for tall people, and they also give more space as compared to kayaks with low depth. Their drawback is they catch more winds that decrease the kayak speed.
  • Weight Capacity: the amount of gear, the number of paddlers and length of the trip are those factors that affect the weight of the kayak. Different boats contain different weight capacity.

What additional accessories can I bring with a kayak?

Besides focusing on getting a right kayak, you should also consider buying some additional items or accessories with your kayak to ensure safe and enjoyable trips.

The additional items that can be brought with kayak include skirts, spray decks.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak

Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak

What are the basic features of the two-person kayak?

The basic features of kayak that combine to decide overall performance of kayak include:

  • Hull shape: it can be flat, rounded, or V-shaped. Each is used for different waterways.
  • Hull Rocker: it is a curvature that goes with the full length of the boat. If the length of the hull rocker is larger in length, then your boat will be easy to turn.
  • Cockpit: it is a place of sitting inside the kayak. The smaller cockpit will hold you better, and it will also assist you in moving or turning the kayak. The larger cockpit will give ease of getting in and out of the boat.
  • Coaming: it is the rim of your kayak around the cockpit.
  • Seats: kayaks seat can be padded or not, and can also be adjustable in all directions. Few seats can also be tilted in different angles.
  • Foot pegs: to hold your feet inside the hull and assist you during riding through providing you level, trim and keeping you centered.
  • Skeg: metallic plate under the stern that can be adjusted according to the situation. It helps in tracking in crosswinds.
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Other features include thigh braces, hatches, and rudder.

How many materials are available with two-person kayaks?

Different materials like rotomould, kevlar, fiberglass, airalite, and PVC are usually available with two-person kayaks. These materials vary in term of their cost, performance, durability, and maintenance required.

How much should I consider stability factor of the kayak?

Unless you are a person with taller height, you should not go with an exceeding stability factor of the kayak. Usually, stability comes with a lead keel or an increased width along with flat hull. The wider boats ask for more hard work while paddling it. Also, it reduces your speed too. Therefore, you should go for the mid-level stability of the boat.

Top 5 Best 2 person kayak Reviews

Among vast variety of products available in the market, here the list of few best two-person kayak list along with their brief description, pros and cons are given below:

1. Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak SE370K Review

Sea Eagle SE370K Kayak is an inflatable two-person boat. It comes with two 7 feet 10 inches paddles and two deluxe inflatable seats. It can get inflated within 8 minutes to the size of 12’6” x 34”.

Furthermore, it possesses a capacity to accommodate three people with the weight capacity of 650 pounds. Its additional items include foot pump, carry bag, repair kit, and two carry handles.

It further contains inflatable spray skirt to keep water out in rough conditions. This kayak comes with self-Bailing Drain Valve to keep water out of the boat, and two skegs to provide better speed and tracking. It is manufactured from 38 Mil K-80 PolyKrylar materials that provide better resistance against sun and saltwater.


  • check
    It might be easy for you to carry and transport this boat because of its inflatable material
  • check
    It can be a good choice to keep water stay out of the boat, because of its spray skirt and Self-Bailing Drain valves.


  • The boat is made up of inflatable material, therefore, it is hard to move this boat
  • Because of its inflatable material, this kayak might be slower than other kayaks.

This kayak can provide you easy transportation, dry and comfortable kayak experience. However, at the same time, it might take more effort to paddle this kayak and would still end up at slow speed. If you can compromise on effort and speed, then this kayak should be your pick.

2. Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak 330 Review

Sea Eagle 330 Kayak is an inflatable kayak that can accommodate two adults along with their gear. Its hull is made up of 33 mm polykrylar hull along I-beam construction and welded seams of high frequency.

You can use it for multiple purposes like fishing, yacht tending, skin diving and class III whitewater rafting. Its size is 134 inches long and 34 inches wide. Its additional features include inflatable spray skirts, two seats, storage bag, and foot pump.


  • check
    It might be convenient kayak option for you to transport, because of its inflatable type.
  • check
    It is a highly lightweight kayak, because of its PVC material.


  • PVC inflatable material gets puncture easily.
  • It might require air pump every time to fill it up.
  • As it is sit-in kayak, it might feel warm during hot weather to sit inside the cockpit.

3. Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak Review

Ocean Kayak Malibu Recreational Kayak is two Tandem Sit-On-Top kayak that can accommodate two people plus one kid. It is 12 feet long with a weight capacity of 375-425 pounds.

Moreover, it comes with two seats, skid plate, molded-in handles and seat walls, patented overlapping foot wells, and gear straps. It contains deck design as well for easy storage.


  • check
    It might be spacious enough for you, because of its 12 feet length.
  • check
    It might be an easy option for you to put it in dock storage, because of its hull and deck design.
  • check
    You can get inside it easily, no matter what your height is because it has enough space.


  • Because of its sit-on-top style, it might be hard for you to move this kayak.
  • It might have slow speed as compared to other kayaks, because of its wide construction.

No doubt this kayak would be slow and hard to move for you with low movability, but if you want enough space to accommodate your small family of one kid with all basic safety features, then this kayak should be your pick.

4. Sevylor Coleman Colorado Kayak Review

Sevylor Colemon Colorado Fishing Kayak is a two-person kayak that is manufactured from 18-guage PVC construction. It additionally contains 1000D Tarpaulin bottom and 840D nylon cover to provide protection against punctures.

 It comes with multiple chambers to keep boat inflated if one gets punctured. Its additional items include rod holders, trolling motor fittings, paddle holder, mesh storage pockets, adjustable seats, carry bags, pressure gauge, and carry handles. It has the capacity of 470 pounds.


  • check
    It might provide you an easy fishing opportunity, because of its additional space to support your items during fishing.
  • check
    It might be durable kayak option for you because of its tarpaulin bottom, airtight system and 18-guage PVC construction.


  • Its sit-in style might get hot for you during hot weather or sunny days.

This kayak can offer you strong resistance against leakage and punctures with many fishing facilities that might make fishing an easy option for you. However, a drawback also exists, and that is its polyethylene material that has limited life span.

5. Advanced Elements Kayak AE 1007-R AdvancedFrame Review

Advanced Elements AE 1007-R Kayak is a convertible kayak that gives an option to attach additional deck if required. It comes with the built-in aluminum rib to improve tracking.

To prevent punctures, it contains three material layers. It includes adjustable seats to give comfort for a long ride. It seat allocations gives the option to make it either solo or tandem.


  • check
    It might be highly resistant kayak option for you, because of its aluminum ribs.
  • check
    It might be easy to assemble this kayak, because of it’s pre-assemble features.


  • As it does not come with an air pump, you might have to buy a separate pump to inflate it.

Besides having few drawbacks of inflatable material, it might be a good option for kayak mainly because of its convertible option and pre-assembles feature.


The extent of enjoyment you have in your water adventure is largely based on the type and features that your kayak is providing to you. There are huge numbers of kayaks available in the market, and no one can provide all features in one. Therefore, while buying a kayak, one should consider his priority and then choose the product accordingly. So far we have provided a brief guideline regarding the purchase of a kayak along with the list of best 2 person kayaks. These details would help you in getting a clear picture about your kayak purchasing.