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5 Easy Steps to Build a Kayak Trailer

So let’s assume you have a strong truck and it can afford to carry your kayak on the top. That’s fine, but something sure is that sometimes it can prove to be tedious. So what do you think of a kayak trailer? Before going any further, maybe you have been having the thought of getting a […]

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Best Kayaking Shoes of 2018 & Buying Guide

When paddling through the water in your kayak or boat, you don’t want to worry about your feet being wet or uncomfortable. Buying a quality pair of kayaking shoes can allow you to focus more on your enjoyment of the outdoors without soaked feet getting in the way of your fun experience. We don’t want it […]

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Best Kayak Cooler of 2018 & Buying Guide

Whether you are a fan of kayak fishing or simply want to bring beverages along for cruising down the river, a kayak cooler is the perfect solution. This type of cooler will be a great addition to your fishing adventures as you can spend more time in the water without being concerned with your catch going […]

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Best Kayak Cart of 2018 & Buying Guide

Kayaking takes a lot more than just a kayak: you have to consider safety gear, paddles, car mounts, and other accessories that help your experience run as smoothly as possible.  One of these accessories is a wheeled kayak cart, which lets you roll your kayak from your tent, home, or car down to the water’s edge. […]

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Best Kayak Roof Rack of 2018

Your kayak does definitely cost a considerable amount of money. Therefore, there is every need for you to have a reliable transportation method. And it goes without saying that a high-quality kayak roof rack is what you need for your out-of-doors kayaking adventures. There are many kinds of roof racks, and you have to be careful not […]

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Best Kayak PFD & Life Jackets of 2018

While you are legally required to wear a personal flotation device (PFD) or a life jacket during kayaking for safety. You will all agree when I say that a PFD or life jacket boosts your confidence, especially on whitewater. The best life jacket ought to provide buoyancy and comfort, both on calm and rough waters. To help […]

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Best Kayak Paddle of 2018 & Buying Guide

A kayaker always wants to add some sumptuous features to its ride to make it more delightful and luxurious. The trend of kayaking and boating has become the essential and contemporary part of many western countries.  Moreover, the best kayak paddle would be those that would prove the most comfortable partner for the kayaker and makes […]

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